5000D Series Digital Intercoms

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5000D Submerged

The Firecom 5000D Series Digital Intercoms allow users to connect up to four radios for simulcast interoperability with mutual aid or other agencies to improve operational efficiencies and responder safety.

The Digital Intercom is customizable to accommodate new or existing radio and intercom configurations, interfaces up to four additional devices including cell phone, and is 100 percent retrofit compatible with existing Firecom installations.


When combined with Firecom wireless base stations and headsets, the Digital Intercom enables interference-free communications for up to 40 wireless headset users per system. The unit can also handle up to 10 wired headsets or a mix of wireless and wired headsets. In addition, the Digital Intercom supports features that improve control and ease-of-use, including the ability to completely program and adjust radio activ
ity, priority, volume and squelch from the faceplate to meet your specific operational requirements. The intercom provides 90dB SNR “audiophile quality” sound and supports multiple waterproof remote intercom heads for installations outside the apparatus or for multiple users in a command center.

  • Supports up to 4 radios5000D Series rear
  • Simulcast for interoperability
  • Up to 4 Aux – including cell phone
  • Supports up to 10 headsets or base stations