Firecom – DW501BT

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Direct Wire Radio Transmit Bluetooth Headset

Connect your portable radio and wireless Bluetooth devices to the DW501BT and use the headset’s PTT button for radio transmit and answer/disconnect. Stay in touch with command, dispatch and other first responders whether inside or outside the apparatus. Auto-On activates the headset on the removal of the charging cable. An automatic noise gate provides set-and-forget ease of use for seamless transitions between high- and low-noise situations, and a new ergonomic design delivers enhanced comfort and wearability.


  • Wireless Bluetooth technology
  • Wired Two-Way-Radio
  • Stereo Listen-Through


  • Weatherproof
  • Cold Weather (-30C)
  • Hearing Protection (24dB NRR)
  • All Day, 24-Hr. Battery
  • USB Programmable