mPower Electronics – POLI

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The POLI multi-gas detectors (MP400/MP400P/MP400S) offer 4- or 5-gas monitoring of oxygen (O2), combustibles (LEL), toxic gases, carbon dioxide (CO2), and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The MP400 and MP400P are basic models with O2, LEL, carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) configuration in both diffusion or pumped versions, for confined space entry compliance. The MP400S adopts a full range of sensor selection, e.g. electrochemical (EC), pellistor, non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) and photo-ionization detector (PID) in a pumped model. The use of a combined CO/H2S sensor in the MP400S allows up to five gases to be monitored. An option of wireless communication enables real-time monitoring of gas readings and alarm status including man-down alarm from remote locations for better visibility and faster response.

Product Features

  • Available in diffusion or pump version
  • Man Down Alarm with real-time remote wireless notification
  • IP-65/67 water and dust resistant case
  • Real-time gas concentration readings and alarm status enabled by state-of-the-art wireless technology
  • Large graphical display icon-driven user interface through an intuitive, simple-to-operate two-button user interface
  • Easy access to pump, sensor, filter, and battery
  • Over 30 interchangeable sensor options, including PID for VOC, NDIR and catalytic for combustibles, and NDIR for CO2
  • Intelligent sensors store calibration data, so they can be swapped in the field

Sensor Options

PID 0-1000ppm 0.1ppm
Oxygen (O2) 0-30%Vol 0.1%Vol
Combustible (LEL) 0-100%LEL 1%LEL
Carbon Monoxide (CO) 0-1000ppm 1ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) 0-100ppm 0.1ppm
Ethylene Oxide (ETO) 0-100ppm 0.1ppm
Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) 0-10ppm 0.1ppm
Nitric Oxide (NO) 0-250ppm 1ppm
Methanethiol (CH3SH) 0-10ppm 0.1ppm
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) 0-20ppm 0.1ppm
Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) 0-100ppm 1ppm
Ammonia (NH3) 0-50ppm 1ppm
Phosphine (PH3) 0-5ppm 0.01ppm
Chlorine (Cl2) 0-10ppm 0.1ppm
Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) 0-20ppm 0.1ppm
Hydrogen Chloride (HCl) 0-15ppm 0.1ppm
Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) 0-1ppm 0.01ppm
Acetaldehyde (C2H4O) 0-20ppm 0.1ppm
Combustible (Vol%) 0-100%Vol 0.1%Vol
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 0-50000ppm 100ppm
CO+H2S CO: 0-500ppm
H2S: 0-200ppm
CO: 1ppm
H2S: 0.1ppm