mPower Electronics – VOXI

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The VOXI series of fixed transmitters utilize photo-ionization detection (PID) technology to monitor volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at resolutions of 1 ppb with the MP812 and 10 ppb with the MP815. A built-in heater prevents the condensation of moisture in the transmitter under high-humidity conditions. Innovative designs of the ultraviolet (UV) 10.6 eV lamp and electrometer reduce contamination, producing more accurate and stable readings and extending maintenance intervals. Mobile apps and a Bluetooth controller make on-site configuration, testing and troubleshooting easy and handy. The OLED display is visible from a distance even under strong lighting, while data and alarms are continuously sent to a controller wirelessly or via cables. Major applications include VOC emission monitoring around petrochemical plants, manufacturing, and processing facilities.

Product Features

  • Fast response t90 < 5s
  • Wide range of operation -40°C to +70°C
  • 1 ppb VOC resolution
  • Auto-ranging & zeroing
  • Built-in heater to prevent condensation
  • Innovative PID for performance & long life
  • Easy access to clean sensor and lamp
  • OLED display for maximum visibility outdoors
  • 450 Correction Factors
  • 4-20mA, Modbus communication protocol
  • 3 relays and output to strobes and horns
  • Mobile apps and Bluetooth controller for handy configuration and testing
  • VOC emission monitoring

Optional Accessories

  • Intrinsically safe Android phone
  • Strobe and horn
  • Calibration gas cylinder with regulator
  • Filters