About Us

Wapco Distribution specializes in providing solutions for teams that operate in noisy environments and critical communication requirements. Firefighters, EMS, Command and Control centers for the Public Safety sector.

2c5ce3_11ec2157586f40ed830b7657358a3f8b Wapco Distribution provides equipment to the Fire, EMS, and SAR teams with safety and tools that make them even more valueble to the community by allowing them to do their jobs better.

  • PPA & PPV ventalation.
  • SAR helmet for rescue, swift water, and high angles.
  • Confined space equipment.
  • SAR cameras, structural movement detectors, and life locators.
Teams operating in construction, utility vehicles, bucket trucks, paint striping machines, oil platforms, or sporting events all work in load environments and perform better with noise canceling hearing protection and full duplex communications with the rest of their team. 2c5ce3_5d8912c5ec704b5394ea7abc06b31e79
2c5ce3_e8876e293244448fb0b9cc9eb969066d For marine applications such as tug boats, workboats, and military / law enforcement our solutions provide hearing protection, full duplex communications, as well as the ability to move about freely to enable you and your team to operate more efficiently and safely.

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