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The Manta SAR Helmet is a high-performance multi-role technical rescue helmet with the facility to fit a variety of accessories.


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MANTA Multi Role SAR Helmets

The Manta SAR Helmet is tested to five different standards giving it the unique ability to make it suitable for a very diverse field of task or one helmet to do many roles as below:

  • Working at height/Urban climbing
  • Swift Water Rescue/Maritime operations/Boat driver
  • Confined space/CBRN
  • Technical assistance/Rescue
  • Snowmobile/Jetski/Quad Bike

The Manta helmet meets the requirements of the following standards:

  • EN12492:2012 Mountaineering helmet
  • PAS028:2002 Marine safety helmet
  • EN16471:2014 Firefighters helmets for wildland firefighting
  • EN16473:2014 Firefighters helmets for technical rescue
  • FS/ATV1 Quad & ATV helmet