Firecom – UHW507

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Radio Transmit Under-Helmet DECT7 Bluetooth Wireless Headset

The most advanced Firecom yet, the weather-resistant UHW507 with new DECT7 wireless technology connects your crew in the apparatus and on the fire scene. Wireless Bluetooth links phones and mobile devices. Stereo Listen-Through microphones provide situational awareness and face-to-face communication without removing your hearing protection. Directly connect any portable radio with a PR interface cable (sold separately). Improved voice clarity, advanced hearing protection, and a “set-and-forget” automatic noise gate make the UHW507 an indispensable communication and safety tool.


  • Wireless DECT7 Team (1600ft)
  • Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Stereo Listen Through
  • Wired Two-Way-Radio
  • May be configured to replace UHW-51, UHW-52 or UHW-54


  • Weather-resistant
  • Cold Weather (-30C)
  • Hearing Protection (24dB NRR)
  • 24-Hr. Battery
  • USB Programmable