mPower Electronics – UNI 321

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The UNI 321 is a disposable, maintenance-free version of the UNI single gas monitor. It detects H2S, CO, or O2 in a selection of models with operating lives of 12 months (MP101), 24 months (MP102), or 36 months (MP103)*. The detectors have a large LCD providing maximum readability in the field. Six bright red LEDs allow for quick alarm notification. Constructed of strong and durable material, the UNI is designed to be comfortable, yet drop- resistant. The UNI detectors can easily be bump tested and calibrated with the CaliCase System.

*Storage life before turn-on 6 months for CO & H2S, and 3 months for O2 from date of shipment.

Key Features:

  • UL, cUL, ATEX, and IECEx intrinsic safety
  • Covers HAZ. LOC. Class I, ABCD; Class II, EFG; Class II T4
  • Super large LCD, easy to read digits
  • High strength shell material, drop resistance and comfort feeling
  • Battery life 50% longer than conventional products
  • Full range alarm by 6 bright red flashing LEDs
  • Up to 50 alarm events in the data log
  • H2S, CO, or O2 sensor options
  • Continuous operation in a choice of 3-, 2-, or 1-year models
  • Set low and high alarm points with Docking Box
  • Bump tested and calibrated with CaliCase

Unit Includes:

  • MP10X instrument with a sensor, AA size lithium battery, and alligator clip
  • Quick Guide
  • Calibration/Bump test adapter

Also Available:

CaliCase 4-Monitor and UNI 1-Monitor Docking Box

  • Carry case for bump and calibration
  • Max 4 UNI units at the same time
  • One-button operation
  • Records on micro SD card

Buy Now

ModelGasMeasuring Range (ppm)Resolution (ppm)Part NumberPrice
MP101 H2S 1000.1M014-0002-000$112.00
CO5001 M014-0001-000 $112.00
O2 30.0%0 M014-0003-000 $112.00
MP102 H2S 1000.1 M015-0002-000 $124.00
CO5001 M015-0001-000 $124.00
O2 30.0%0.1 M015-0003-000 $124.00
MP103 H2S 1000.1 M016-0002-000 $136.00
CO5001 M016-0001-000 $136.00
O2 30.0%0.1% M016-0003-000 $136.00

Spare Parts

DescriptionPart NumberPrice
Calibration/bump test adapter, with tubingM001-3003-000$10.00
Alligator clip with screwM490-0007-000$10.00
External hydrophobic filter clips with filters for UNI (2 pcs each)M001-3006-000$15.00
UNI Single Docking Station (MP100T) for calibration/bump and event logging (requires separate regulator and calibration gas)M001-0089-000$500.00
CaliCase 4-Unit Docking Station (MP300T1) for calibration/bump and event logging (requires separate calibration gas)M003-0001-000$1,980.00