Firecom – FHW507

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Radio Transmit Convertible DECT7 Bluetooth Headset

The most advanced Firecom yet, the rugged and durable FHW507 give command, crew and dispatch instant communication with each other when crucial seconds count. DECT7 wireless technology connects your crew in the apparatus and on the scene. Wireless Bluetooth links phones and mobile devices. New Stereo Listen-Through microphones provide situational awareness and face-to-face communication without removing your hearing protection. Directly connect any portable radio with a PR interface cable (sold separately). Improved voice clarity, advanced hearing protection, and a “set-and-forget” automatic noise gate make the FHW507 an indispensable communication and safety tool.


  • Wireless DECT7 Team (1,600 ft.)
  • Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Wired Two-Way-Radio
  • Stereo Listen-Through
  • May be configured to replace UHW-51, UHW-52 or UHW-54


  • Weatherproof
  • Cold Weather (-30C)
  • Hearing Protection (24dB NRR)
  • Over/Behind Head convertible
  • All Day, 24-Hr. Battery
  • USB Programmable