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The Beluga Glass Cutting Kit is designed to cut Laminated Safety Glass found in windshields, hurricane windows, commercial and residential construction glass.


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Beluga FS2214 Cutting Head

The Beluga FS2214 Cutting Head is a heavy duty tool.  Built with oversized ball bearings, a hardened drive shaft, cutting blade and housing, it is designed to last.

The Beluga is supplied with a 1/4″ locking drive shaft so it can be used on a standard 3/8″ battery operated drill or a 1/4″ impact driver.

The hardened steel blade and shoe are field replaceable, although we don’t anticipate a lot of blade changes from our testing.

  • The Beluga Blade reciprocates under the glass crushing it while pushing the bulk of the debris away from the vehicle compartment.
  • The Beluga Cutter cuts close to the dashboard.  Unlike reciprocating and hand saws, The Beluga blade penetrates less than one inch and only reciprocates 3/8″ upward.
  • The Beluga Cutter pulverizes glass.  It does not cut or shear it, so the blade has no sharp edges.
  • The Beluga Blade and shoe tolerance are an “interference fit.”  This limits the amount of glass dust falling into the passenger compartment.